At Sporting Life we want people who:
  • Share in our PASSION for service, fashion and sports.
  • Develop their KNOWLEDGE about the products, services and trends.
  • Live their lives with DRIVE, INTEGRITY and EMPATHY.

If you have these qualities and want to be in an environment that shares the same qualities then Sporting Life is your best choice to further your career.
Being part of the Team we:
  • Enjoy what we do both inside & outside of work
  • Are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle (including work/life balance)
  • Receive competitive wages
  • Are among the most knowledgeable in the industry
  • Work hard & play hard
  • Enjoy a team environment, where everyone has a role to play

The best way to find out what life is like at Sporting Life is to ask our employees. Click on an employee to learn more about their Sporting Life Experience.